Air Force One New

Discover the Air Force One’s, sunglasses of superior presidential quality. If you have a fearless attitude and you love to be in control, these sunglasses are for you. Find out how a passion for design and the latest technologies come together in this innovative and highly resistant pair of sunglasses. Fabricated and assembled in Barcelona to ensure supreme quality, suitable for true champions.




A sporty and rough exterior, inspired by heavy aircrafts and exteriors of steel.


The frame of the Air Force 1 Limited Edition sunglasses is made of resistant polycarbonate and finished off with a Soft Rubber Touch for the highest wearing comfort.

Americas GP

The Circuit of the Americas is the first purpose-built Grand Prix facility in the US. It is situated near Austin, Texas and has a 5.513 km track and capacity to host 120.000 fans. The construction of the impressive 4 square km facility was completed in late 2012, with MotoGP lining up at the track for the first time in 2013.